What the Cybersite Network offer

Multiple income streams

All the available income streams are free to join except one that are considered as the very best available in SA and can in fact help you to earn much more money from all the different income streams.

We regularly investigate different income opportunities and if it's good and legal enough we add it to our system for the benefit of all our members so that they don't need to learn the hard way and waste time and money.

Advice, help and support

Our goal is to help our members as much as possible and provide a lot of advice, help and support and will do our best to do even more but the best part is not bla bla bla about whatever but to put our advice, help and support into REAL action and systems as below.

Free marketing, tools and systems

What few people understand is that there are tons of opportunities available but almost none of it will help or work without the necessary know-how, tools and systems and using it the correct wya and we explained this a lot.

Over the past 14 years we build a huge marketing group, many different systems and utilized a lot of automation to make things better and easier for us so what we did with the Cybersite Network is to offer all this on a silver platter to our members to make it as easy as possible for everyone.

The system was only launched now but once joined you immediately get access to a control panel from where you can manage your free page and have access to our many different tools and systems, including access to our whole marketing group.

This control panel and the features are under constant development but already featured the following.

User page

Your own member page where you can add articles as well as post articles, videos and more direct on our 50+ town portals in such way that everything you do or post use cross-marketing techniques to promote your page and different income streams.

User profile

It act as sort of personal card that you can use to introduce and promote yourself as it also write cookies on a visitor's cellphone or computer so that anything such person do on the whole cybersite will automatic fall under you and your income streams.

Whole website and marketing group

Actually the whole website was designed in such way that if for exampe Sannie send a link to this article to someone and he/she then join us and the income programs, the system will automatic recognise Sannie as the referrer (where applicable) and the same apply for Jan and every member.

In fact even the banner ads on our town portals that get thousands of views per day also automatic change the income stream links to those of the member that post a particular article and it's not only banner ads but also other things that help to promote each member and his income streams automatic.

Marketing material and tools

Posting or promoting a badly designed ad don't help even if it's the best product or service in the world but not many people have the skills to create their own marketing material so we constantly create more and more that also automatic adapt and change to the specific user and his/her income program links and we also make it as easy as possible for you to create your own marketing material.

Facebook marketing

We build our own facebook marketing system that make it easy to promote your income streams on even hundreds of groups and many different ads because the system was designed to automate a lot of things, such as automatic select appropriate groups for specific ads (afrikaans, english etc) on a random rotation base to prevent problems with the facebook system. (There are already over 1200 groups with a total of over 15 000 000 members listed)

There are more goodies to help you and we will add more and more but you can just take a horse to the water and not force him to drink so I aint' going to waste time to explain the rest as above is already far more than what anybody anywhere can or will ever offer.