Learn how to work online

By: Learn how to work online

Learn how to work online

I am DEAF but it's now 14 years that I work for myself online and I will explain here in detail how you can work online for yourself too.

Offer an online service

Not many people can do this but start with this and try to think WHAT type of service can you offer as you'll earn 100% of the income out of it.

I offer for example web hosting and recently started to offer limited website design too but there is a lot of other services that you can offer such as translation, copy writing, posting of content, maintenance and building of websites (with my system easy enough so that even school child can do it), online admin and personal assistant services, design of banner ads and advertisements etc.

Income from external sources

This is the most common method but most people do it wrong because they focus on the products and services but totally neglect the marketing and then cannot understand why they struggle and struggle.

For the purpose of this article above include almost EVERYTHING that you can do online to earn income with but the real secret is.

Marketing is the REAL INCOME SOURCE

You can have a master degree in something and offer the very best products or services either yourself or thought external sources but without marketing it won't help much.

Most people are afraid of marketing or hate it but it's due to the wrong perspective and understanding and THAT is what this article is about.

What I am going to do is to use this page to illustrate different concepts so do YOURSELF a favor and CLICK on the links etc to see and start understand what I try to explain.

BidorBuy Example

Anyone can earn R40 up to R100 for each person that sign up at bidorbuy via an affiliate link and below is an example of one such affiliate banner ad.

People however don't like advertisements but LOVE interesting, educational and valuable CONTENT so few people will click on the banner and actually join due to other reasons too, such as that they don't even noticed the advertisement, it don't provide sufficient information and it's very hard to INFLUENCE people with almost "nothing".

So I created two articles (actually more and will do that in Afrikaans too and EVEN THIS ARTICLE).

An article to explain how people can join for free and earn money from bidorbuy and;

An article to explain the benefits of joining bidorbuy to sell or buy items.

Please check the links below and tell me, what do you think will generate more signups, and thus income? The banner ads or Content?

It actually goes FAR beyond that

On for example Facebook advertisements are mostly banned (on groups that MATTER), ignored etc but interesting, educational and valuable CONTENT is welcomed and shared everywhere as the internet is HUNGRY for real and good quality content (My articles is not on that standard yes, I am too busy to building and maintaining the massive system).

Every piece of good content that appear on external websites earn you search engine credit and increase your search engine ranking so the more content, the higher the ranking and the more visitors to increase your income. The more content of good quality, the more you establish yourself and website as an expert in that field, the more visitors trust your recommendations (and links) and the more income, and the more share your content, the more cross-marketing and the upwards spiral of everything including your income just continue.

You cannot earn money from almost whatever without marketing, but you can earn money from almost anything with marketing and marketing in essence means good quality content that use the power of the written word to subtile convince people to take an action, to want this or that product or service.

But, if Content is King, then DISTRIBUTION is Queen and she wears the pants

Above is just about a single content rich website but it's still a standalone website that compete with perhaps a business with many staff members that wrote content.

So what I did is to automate the distribution of YOUR content on a whole marketing group (currently 50+ town portals but I had 300+ marketing websites) and use every trick I can to promote YOU and YOUR content and YOUR website wherever your content appear and that is something that no business on earth can or will do.

But, the REAL BOSS is the people thought UNITY IS POWER

So I literally offer everything I build, tested, rebuild and retested on a silver platter for you and do everything in my power to help you as much as possible, and only want you to understand THE IMPORTANCE OF CONTENT, because the more content you provide and others that do the same, the bigger and stronger and more powerful the marketing group for the benefit of all of us and more money YOU earn.

But it goes even further than that

The more content, the more visitors and better statistics and with a whole group instead than just one website, the easier to draw commercial advertisers and then use that big money 100% to promote the group even further so that the big guys actually pay for the expensive EXTERNAL advertising of our small guys.