Offerforge Affiliate Network

Offerforge Affiliate Network

Offerforge Affiliate Network

Offerforge is one of South Africa's first affiliate networks and have some pretty good and well-known advertisers.

As with any affiliate program or even almost all income programs banner ads and plain advertisements are not really effective unless you have a popular and content rich news or similar website that attract a lot of different vistors.

In our case the town portal system is ideal for such banner ads and it's programmed in such way that YOUR offerforge affiliate code are automatic used on all banner and other ads where YOUR content appear on any page in the group.

So far as that Offerforge's BANNER ADS are concerned and on OUR marketing group, it's hands-free automated where all Offerforge banner ads on our whole group, automatic adjust to YOUR Offerforge Aff ID where YOUR content is displayed.

But banner ads are NOT really very effective and we recommend that you focus on content marketing of the different programs as below.

Content Marketing is Key

As said many times on this website as well as the article "Earn Money a Short Story" content marketing will always be the best to promote affiliate and this type of income streams and in the case of the girl in the story she only need to put for example the Travel Banner Ads on her website and voila...

Check the list of Banner Ads