Web Hosting Information

Web Hosting Information

Web Hosting Information

Web hosting is a service that allows organizations and individuals to have a website and email accounts on the Internet. A web host, or web hosting service provider, is a business that provides the technologies and services needed for the website or email and many other things to work on the Internet. Websites are hosted, or stored, on special computers called servers.

  • Web hosting is like renting a house of office block with the structure and things like electricity etc.
  • A domain name is like a registered address that point to a specific server at a web hosting provider.
  • A Website is like the personal furniture in the rented house or office.

Web Hosting Fees

Personal Package
100 MB Web Space, 500 MB Bandwidth, 1 Email Address, 1 Database, 1 domain.

R36 x 12 Annually 20% discount (R432)
R38 x 6 Semi-Annually 15% discount (R229)
R40 x 3 Quaterly 10% discount (R121)
R45 Monthly

Business Package
5 000 MB Web Space, 20 000 MB Bandwidth, 100 Email Addresses, 10 Databases, 50 Subdomains, 50 Parked Domains, Host up to 2 domains on one account.

R92 x 12 Annually 20% discount (R1104)
R97 x 6 Semi-Annually 15% discount (R586)
R103 x 3 Quaterly 10% discount (R310)
R115 Monthly

We provided web hosting now for almost 14 years with many clients still with us after all these years while our web hosting fees and prices are between two spectrums.

The lower fee hosting from mostly the big guys that cram hosting clients into servers like sardines and with accompanying poor service in various aspects (Just check hellopeter.com for all the complaints) as well as typical fly-by-nights that don't care a damn.

The much more expensive and realiable providers that charge even hundreds per month more and are justified with much better care and service and that should be the norm anyway.

(The web hosting is perhaps the only industry in the world that don't increase prices but actually force it down and down in response to the millions of free websites and hosting offered by advertising giants)

With all the fly-by-nighs and scammers no REAL BUSINESS should use the free websites and hosting option without even their own domain name because how on earth can you trust a business if the owner himself don't even have enough trust in his own business to invest in a R72 per year domain name?

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