Web Hosting Fees in Perspective

Web Hosting Fees in Perspective

Web Hosting Fees in Perspective

There are many things that influence the fees, but the most important marketing tricks that internet service providers used are outlined below so that you can compare apples with apples.

- Nothing on earth is "unlimited" and is actually limited in the SLA (Service Level Agreement) and it don't say much about businesses that catch their clients with such camouflaged lies. (We do not even have a SLA because our service is our pride)

350ml Coke at R13 is NOT cheaper than R15 for 1 000ml so compare the prices AND packages offered.

- Disk space is like the space on a memory card while Bandwidth is the data available on your phone and 10mb space and 100mb bandwidth at R100pm is 10x more expensive than R100 per month for 100mb space and 1000mb bandwidth.

- The number of email addresses or databases is another issue because some sites provide 5 email addresses as part of a R100 package, while we offer 50 mail addresses in our package for the same amount. Clients then need to pay extra for each additional email address or database at for example R10 per email address. It does not sound much but the difference is 50 - 5 = 45 x R10 = R450 so the client will pay R550 if he need 50 email addresses, which would not cost him a cent extra on the R100 package that include 50 email addresses.

- The same applies to all the many other features and things that are limited or not included in packages and are charged extra, such as using a website builder, that's included in ALL our packages and prices. (Actually, we offer a little more than the norm because we are an internet marketing group with many websites, so if one of our websites requires something, we will just install it on our servers without charging clients a cent)

- In general, the major service providers offer good packages at good prices but pack customers like sardines in a tin and overload their servers to the detriment of the client (and visitors that include potential customers) while it is obvious that they would install the absolute minimum things on their servers and no corporate business can compete with the personal service, pride and willingness to walk the extra mile of "small" business owners.

- It's also worth to take note of the location of the servers because while its normally cheaper at international datacenters than at local datacenters it's mostly much slower at international datacenters due to speed (distance) so a local datacenter is definitively better but it also depends on above factors. (Due to the huge datacenters and lower cost, service providers are less prone to overlaod servers than local providers)

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