Web Hosting Value Added Extras

Web Hosting Value Added Extras

Web Hosting Value Added Extras

Transfer your website to us at perhaps an even lower fee that you pay now and get the following for free so that you can discover why so many clients are still with us for almost 14 years.

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)
Few people can say their website have a nr 1 ranking on search engines but most of our own websites achieved that for two years so we know what we are doing and optimise your website the same way.

Mobile Friendly
Even while many others charge a lot for such "additional feature" we regarded it as a must and all our websites is mobile and retina friendly as standard.

Easy D.I.Y.
We build everything to be as easy as possible so that you can do anything yourself and don't need to pay and pay every time you want to add, change or do anything.

Unlimited Content
The norm of example 3 pages and pay a few hundred for each additional page is crazy and with us we actually WANT you to add as many pages and content to your website as possible to boost traffic and search engine ranking.

Admin Panel
You can use the admin panel to build and manage your website and for many other functions too.

User Profile
The user profile is important and almost any content that you post on our marketing group link direct to such user profile and get relative much traffic.

Business Card
It was designed as online business card and like the user profile also attract a lot of traffic via our cross-marketing techniques, including the business directory that appear on all our town portals.

Action / Sales Pages
The action or sales pages is the creative marketing and sales department where you can play with many different approaches and offers. It don't help much if you get lots of interest but there is no action or benefit whatsoever so the action or landing pages focus on improving just that.

WEBSITE Articles
Content is king and you can post unlimited articles on your website that appear either on similar layout than your website or it's own separate layout. The articles section is like a library that you can fill with tons of interesting, relevant and valuable information. Website articles appear on your website only but can be shared anywhere.

If content is King, then distribution is Queen and she wears the pants. Even if you have a content rich website it's still a standalone website and almost impossible to compete with the giants so we took it a step further and integrated "marketing articles" into each website for automatic distribution of such content over our marketing group.

Image Gallery
The problem with most galleries on websites is that the images must be of similar size in order to fit in with the rest of the website layout so we created this separate gallery that hand fit and handle images of any size so that you don't need to worry about that.

Media / Videos
Similar to the marketing articles but with the focus on videos that you can post on the marketing group and also see it on the separate folder on your website.

Special Offers
Few websites or features focus on promoting special offers so we created a separate section where you can add and promote special offers on your website as well as across our whole marketing group.

Product Sales
Developed for online sales of products without being a complicated e-commerce system and available as standalone or integrated feature if you want to use it.

Service Offers
Similar to the products above but we will soon convert it into a more marketing focussed feature that's integrated into our marketing system.

User Contributions
Allow the public to submit articles, photos or testimonials for your website but obviously you need to approve such content before its active and visible.

Facebook Ads Feature
A feature to make it easier to manage the posting of as many ads / posts on as many groups as you want and also include 1000+ groups that you can join over and above adding your own groups.

Why We Offer so Much?

You perhaps wonder why we offer so much valuable things for free but for example Facebook won't even exist, let alone make money, without the free membership and features to ADD CONTENT and we just do the same so that you can easily add LOTS of content for your own benefit as well as our marketing group.

All websites that we build are integrated into our system while clients that transfer their website can also access the marketing features.