Buying and Selling on BidorBuy

Buying and Selling on BidorBuy

Buying and Selling on BidorBuy

There are a lot of places where you can buy and sell items online like Facebook, Junkmail, Gumtree etc but one of the safest places to both buying and selling online is by far BidorBuy.

The reason for that is because of BidorBuy's excellent user verification and rating system that effeciently sort the weed from the chaff and that is almost non-existent in any other online buying and selling platform.

Admittingly BidorBuy charge a relative small fee but that is almost nothing compared to the peace of mind you enjoy from buying and selling on BidorBuy while that ALSO discourage scammers and changers up to great extent.

Unbeatable offers and good marketing

With online auctions sometimes starting at as low as R1 and without a reserve price it's possible that you can won an auction to buy something worth R100 for only R10 but on the other hand a lot of people place a bid on such items so that also means excellent marketing for the seller.

Working for yourself is so much easier

Bidorbuy is not only for buying or selling this or that item occassionally but the perfect market place for people that selling home made stuff and was actually the starting point for myself too many years ago when I was selling computers online.

The longer you are a member of BidorBuy the better so even while you don't want to buy or sell something right now why not just register now so that you are a member if and when you need it?