Other Income Streams

Other Income Streams

Other Income Streams

Over and above the income streams already listed there is some other that will be added soon.

(There is by the way one income stream that had me really exited but unfortunately the company recommended that I don't market it yet because they are busy with a very better and improved one that will launch around end January, begin February)

During the week I will add a new "special offers" feature that will work as follows and REALLY NEED your co-operation with this one please.


To promote you product, service or something through for example Offerforce cost ten thousands of rands and to do it yourself require a hell lot of time and effort.


Its therefore not so easy for a small business to make use of affiliate marketing and the "special offers" feature would thus offer a partial solution for that to help such small guys as well as ourselves.

How the special offers will work (example but work in process)

There are a lot of small businesses or other guys (and woman hehe) that offer an excellent product or service so I want your help to find them and negotiate a deal where I create a special offer for such product or service and we all promote it in turn for a good commission on successful referred sale or transaction.

Nothing stops you from encouraging such person (and others) to register and sell his/her products on bidorBuy so that you can earn some money but you can even sign him/her up under you for other income programs so that he/she can also earn additional income.

Remember, co-operation and unity is power

Together we can build this into something big with many different income streams with unique products and services that each help to increase our individual income so please do yourself a favor and try to co-operate as much as possible.

Your imagination is the only limit

Even with JUST this that I wrote I could already see some additional income opportunities so what about start learning how bidorbuy works and offer buying and selling on bidorbuy on behalf of businesses as a service, of start yourself buying and selling products?

Oh, and what about someone that have the knowledge and time to act as middleman between us and such businesses / people by acting as negotiator between us (me, remember I am deaf and a bad negotiator) and them and charge for example a few hundred rand fee for each successful special offer negotiation?

Ohh, and what about someone that have the writing skills to write articles or create banner ads for the special offers or even all the different income streams and we all pay say R10, R20 to use such article or banner ad or advertisement or pay more for individual and unique articles, advertisements etc?

Do you now start to understand the "Unity is Power" concept that I used as base for everything I build and did?