More information about Grow Big Corp

More information about Grow Big Corp

You start, as Book Referrer.
We encourage you to refer 4 people who buy the book in Week 1,  you will earn R400, then you unlock to be Royalty Earner.

You earn a Royalty of R15.00 for every book referred by your friends and their friends.

You earn up to 9 generations down. For example :-



Your money can come in weeks or months, it depends on you, your team and your strategy.

To achieve the above, let every member in your TEAM do the following

1) Refer 4 within a WEEK so that your MONEY is BACK

2) Help & Coach every member of your TEAM to do 1) above.


You will get paid EVERY DAY as long as there is a minimum of R200.00 in your royalty earnings.

All stated earnings are for illustration purposes only and depend on you and your team.

All the statistics and earnings above is available for you to see, when you log on your member area on our website.



What happens when you refer more than 4, the 5th member onwards becomes a spillover.

Spillovers are placed randomly by a computer program to the next available spot in your network.

Spillovers will help your business to grow very fast.

For example, if you sign the 5th person, they will be placed on the next available spot on the 2nd level.

You will earn a R100.00 plus a royalty of R15.00, the person who receives the spillover will earn their royalty too,

only if he/she is a qualified Royalty Earner.

NB. Spillovers are a nice feature in the program, however we still need someone who wants to benefit from them to do a bare minimum of personally referring 4, that will then unlock Royalties and earnings from spillovers up to 9 levels down.

The secret is :-

1. Choose 4 or more go-getters, people who want to succeed in life.
2. Teach and coach them to unlock too, by referring 4 members!
3. Keep add adding more people to effect Spillover!

When everyone in your team follows the above 3 steps, you will earn serious money very quickly. There is no limit to what you can earn, as it is illustrated on this website. 

No one looses in our distribution program as each member gets a valuable book, a book that is sure to change your circumstances!



Take note of our incentives we pay over and above the normal compensation

Take 7 steps to claim your own C200 Mercedes Benz from Grow Big Corporation.

These steps could be weeks or months, it depends on you and your team!