Cellspot Cellular Contracts

Cellspot Cellular Contracts

Cellspot Cellular Contracts

The Cellspot Cellular opportunity is relatively easy and very straightforward. All you need to do is generate leads so the Cellspot call center agents can take it further and contact potential clients.

Cellspot Cellular offers the easiest possible way to apply and get a cellular contract with the following features:

No paperwork.
Why pay someone else to put your application online when you can do it right now.

Low Requirements.
We offer the lowest credit requirements possible because we know that a cellphone is something that we all need. Due to our very low credit requirements, we are the best choice for people that otherwise wouldn’t have qualified for a cellular contract from the other major networks in the market.

All Networks.
You can choose which network you want to join because we believe that the customer is indeed the King or Queen.

Free Delivery.
Once we have received the final approval, we deliver your handset and SIM free of charge to anywhere in South Africa.

Free SIM Card.
We pay for the SIM card and the Connection Fee ourselves as part of our desire to help our clients as much as possible.

99c Per Minute.
Our unique deal with our partners allow you to pay only 99c per minute on all networks and at any time.

How it works.

All you need to do is to let potential customers fill in a short online obligation-free form.

When the form is submitted the system will check whether the person is pre-approved or not and display the results almost immediately.

a) If pre-approved you earned R18 commission and the call center will take it further and contact the lead.
b) If declined, well, you win some and you lose some. Just move on to the next potential lead.

Important Note.
So far as that the Cellspot opportunity is concerned yes but the beauty of our multiple income system and your website is that you can then promote one of the other opportunities to such person while our system ALSO log everybody that filled in a form under YOU for further promotion down the line so you can still earn money from any lead, even many weeks later.

We are partnered with other companies and provide a multitude of other services to the public. Use the provided site to advertise these products to potential customers, whether they are approved or not for a cellular contract. Make sure you record everyone who filled out your digital form under YOUR unique code for future promotions. This means that you could still earn money from any of the logged clients at any time if they take any extra products from Cellspot Cellular.