How Do Scam Sites Make Money?

How Do Scam Sites Make Money?

It is my opinion that these sites have the intention of stealing your personal information to clean out your bank account or steal your identity to open up different accounts. That’s their goal. They are not legitimate, but they are worldwide.

One way they make money is to require you to pay for surveys, complete paid offers or download an app before you can ‘cash out’. The scammers will get paid when you complete one of those requirements. I don’t know what the dollar amount is, but from what some of the victims of this scam have commented, it can be a substantial amount. Legitimate sites have thresholds ranging from $10.00-$100.00. Amounts greater than $100.00 should raise red flags.

Another way these scam sites make money is by selling the members’ emails. That is another reason for them to want the members to promote the scam site as much as possible. This should be concerning because the emails aren’t just sold to companies who want to promote their product or services to you. The email lists are offered up to anyone for the right price. This includes other scammers and hackers.

The scammers and hackers will send out malicious emails with the intent of gaining access to your personal information, usernames and passwords. So for those of you who to balk at my warnings, you might want to reconsider this not so great opportunity.

Some of these scam sites request your PayPal account number. Didn’t know you had one?  Well, you do and it is located in your PayPal account profile. That’s should be another red flag. No legitimate site will ever ask you for your PayPal account number. PayPal uses the email associated and verified with your PayPal account.