How i spend my time on this. gave $5 per visitor $10 per referral bonus or sign up $25  huh!

That's really feel fake! I thought that gonna be earn money for sure, so i completed the $150 to $190 in just 1 day and now i want to withdraw my money through paypal

When i click to pay me now button the fun starts

The site says that lots of people are making money through their site with fake account and they want proof of i'm not robot, so it's ask me to complete some surveys and and and.

The same old story where you are promised heaven and earth and "earned" nice big bucks easily but just try to withdraw such "money" and the real fun starts because people are greedy and throw all precautions and security measures aboard. (after they win your trust with "see, nice and easy to earn money with no tricks or scams so far)