Letter from Phillip Verwey

Letter from Phillip Verwey

Dear  all CYBERNETWORK Team Members,

 I trust that this communication finds you well.

 NB!!! It has come to my attention that a communication was sent to you (excluding me) by SDL headoffice on Friday 18 August 15:49pm regarding the "suspension" of CyberNetwork. In my personal capacity I would like to ensure that by reading the following you will be given the true facts and not some biased one-sided opinion w.r.t the cancellation (not suspension) of the CyberNetwork business. The following statement is done by myself and only reflects the facts pertaining to my experience.

 It is with regret that I wish to inform you that I will no longer be continuing my association with the SDL housing fund/ Groep due to various reasons. This includes utilizing the call centre for promoting any further business for SDL.

 Since the opening of the call centre in March this year after negotiations with the MD Kobus Geldenhuys to facilitate the new marketing structure and in order to further assist everyone in building their businesses and for the growth of our team, I have uncovered various irregularities in the business practice of the company, which I have queried with SDL on numerous occasions.  (Verbally and by e-mail.)

 None of these issues have been resolved to my satisfaction, even after continuous correspondence with head office by e-mail and phone w.r.t. these queries, and even though they have been in the interests of many of our team members, I have simply been brushed aside with vague and incomplete answers.  

Some of these issues include the moving / "poaching" of members out of my downlines, incorrect payment of marketing fees, as well as various complaints from members continuing being debited after cancellation, to name but a few.  Coupled with the tardiness w.r.t. the sending out of policy documents to members, inefficient administration, and unsatisfactory client services, I  was forced to reconsider my position in terms of actively promoting SDL to prospective clients.  For detailed information and proof on the above, see "Attachment".

 As those of you who have walked the network marketing road with us for quite a while now know, we have always, during our years of involvement with networking opportunities, ensured that we adhere to a strict code of ethics and honesty in dealing with our members.  We have also always done our best to carry the name of the companies we have been involved in with high regard and support, but in the case of SDL I have found it increasingly difficult due to them continually changing their product and administrators, and them always shifting the blame for errors and tardiness onto the 'new' administrators.  Unfortunately these errors always negatively impacted you and us, the members, but corrections or possible 'back payments' that might have been due to members were never brought into the equation.

 As a result of the above, and due to me having to compromise my personal high standard of ethics once too many over the last few months with  being associated with a company that operates in a way that I could no longer condone, I recently decided to investigate the possibility of another online based network - and due to this investigation and the subsequent market research that was fielded, SDL terminated my personal membership(as well as that of Yolande, Richard and the Call Center's) with NO PRIOR NOTICE.

 They also refrained to pay us the commissions and marketers fees due to us for last month on the 15th of this month, even though our premiums were up to date. Although they terminated these businesses they continued accepting new applications we had sent through from the first week in August to date of termination. After threatening with legal action ( including laying a charge of fraud with the SAP against the Company) some of the monies due were deposited into my account only on the 17th August.

 I have since discovered that this cancellation on their side already took place more than a week before the 15th, without me being notified, and with SDL readily accepting the new business (and my premium on the 15th August) we generated since then, leading up to the 15th. 

I will of course be taking the issues in question further with the relevant authorities as I have the moral and ethical obligation towards each member of my downline, which I have dilligently supported over the period of my association with SDL, and cannot leave these issues unresolved.

 Although I was investigating other options, in order to maintain and extend the viability of the Call Center, we were never of the intention to cease continued support our existing CyberNetwork team, (as we were running a call center providing 250 - 300 new signups per month to the company) making the use of the marketing website available to the team, together with the current follow-up systems that are in place, as well as still making all the training, etc., available.  However, in the light of my immediate suspension, this will not be possible anymore, as I was instructed to remove all references to SDL from our websites, and I suggest that you contact head office for any queries on how to operate your business from here onwards.

 Please note that you can continue building your SDL business should you wish to do so as I am not suggesting to anyone to cease their membership with the Company. All applications need to be sent directly through to head office with immediate effect.  The fax number there is xxx xxxx xxxx.  This will include all queries, etc., as we will be unable to continue fielding those queries.  I will, however, try to assist members where possible. (The fax number was removed by myself, Frank Coetzee)

 I would like to thank all members for their loyalty and support in the past and wish you all prosperity for the future.

 A final note - I herewith have absolutely no intention to 'bad-mouth' SDL and/or Kobus Geldenhuys.  What I am publishing on this page is only fact-based.  I have purposefully done my utmost to keep 'personal feelings' out of it.  The bottom line is:  I was left with 2 choices, namely  keep quiet and quietly disappear off the scene after threats from head office (as those who have gone the same route as us before did - the easiest, and far less traumatic for the member who does not have an advocate on board, or the financial backup that SDL has), OR expose what every SDL network member should know.  For the sake of others who are uninformed, and who do not have access to the resources that we have, I have decided to do the latter.  You are entitled to know the  full truth.  And you are welcome to contact me for any proof of facts that are mentioned on this page.

Kind regards

 For the last time, 

  Phillip Verwey

(Date around beginning 2008)

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