Income Programs

Income Programs

Income Programs

With less and less employment opportunities and several other factors the internet offer the perfect opportunity to work for yourself. Unfortunately it have some negative connections due to 1) scams and fraud and also 2) people simply don't work in the correct way and then blame the opportunity instead of themselves.

Scams and fraud are rampant everywhere and not only on the internet but because of the power of the internet ONE offline scam artist can reach just so many people while ONE online scam artist can reach a hell lot of people.

Those offline victims normally don't have much resource to warn other people while online victims have the internet available to them to warn a hell lot of people.

Fact of the matter is that, just as there is bad and good brick and mortar businesses, there are also bad and good income opportunities online.

I want to show you what is the correct way to earn money online.

Your local newspaper simply cannot earn or expect money from advertisers if they don't have any readers and the same apply to and almost all the big websites.

Fact is, you must have readers, visitors and clients before you can earn money from any sources whatever. Even if you join the best income program or programs available, and have the best products and services available, you will not earn money if you don't have visitors, readers or clients. Full Stop.

Above may give you the impression that advertising and promotion is thus the key to get a lot of readers, visitors and clients so that you can earn money and that as we all know advertising cost a hell lot of money. Wrong.

Did you ever see that your local newspaper advertises?

No, they don't advertise and I don't think that they spend one cent on advertising at all. Perhaps they do yes but then it's just to get more advertisers.

Point what I want to make is that the REAL advertising of your local newspaper, and all the other BIG websites are in their CONTENT, in their articles, news and the information that they provide.

Online it's the same and even more so because content (that is articles, news, data, information, etc) is ALL that you have to draw visitors. Almost ALL the internet experts will tell you over and over that CONTENT is the key to draw visitors and all that you need to do is to have a look at a few good websites to realize that it's true.

Despite above we then get the situation where somebody joined an income opportunity and start advertising it. Unless you put in a LOT of effort or money it will not work simply because they don't have any real CONTENT to draw visitors and, more importantly, build a relationship of trust with them.

Advertisements can draw visitors, but not establish a feeling of trust and confidence in your products or services or income program or whatever without further information.

There are much more that I can say such as that search engines will only start to give your website a higher ranking if there are good, original content etc but I think you will now start to understand just how important CONTENT are to earn money online.

An easy scenario is that, if you start building a website about your favorite topic, say gardening, with content and content and more content, over a year your website will rank very high, if not at top, on search engines on most keywords related to gardening.

You will get a LOT of visitors and from these search engines and every visitor that visit your website will have a feeling of trust and confidence because they can see that you are serious about gardening, that you know what you are talking about due to the lot of useful information and content.

If you now recommend in an article that it's now time for this or this flowers and that they can easily order the seed from you, or this or that company, you will for sure make some good money.

(You will earn more money if you sell the seed yourself and less if you simply refer them to a company that pays you a commission on each order, but in the end the time and effort saved on the second option overweighs the benefit of the extra money of the first option. You can also promote 10, 20, 100 different gardening related products and get commission from sales, while it would be very difficult for you to handle so much products all alone)

You did not earned your money directly because of such products, services or income programs, but rather because of your content and huge visitor base.

With all above it's clear that the income programs, the products, the services are NOT important and that it's the CONTENT, the information, the articles and news and anything else on your website, that's the REAL source of earning money online.

It's the news, information and CONTENT in newspapers and most big websites that enable them to earn money from advertisers.