Market Your Home Business

Market Your Home Business

Market Your Home Business

Internet marketing means literally to promote, sell and buy services and products online.

Approximate 80 percent of those using the internet, turn to search engines in order to find services, information and products online. So that is in fact 80 percent of possible customers online for your home business.

Definitely, websites are highly efficient marketing tools. Internet marketing involves having a website for your home business where you can display your services or product information.

However, simply creating a website for your home business will not produce sales; you need to make certain that users will go to your website. To be effective, they need to be seen, they need online visitors.

Here's how to build and announce your website:

1. Construct it for fast download. Online, you only have a maximum of 30 seconds so to get the attention of your visitors.

Your website should download fast, If your prospects can not start reading your product information within that time, then they will head elsewhere.

2. Target your viewers. Determine who are your markets and make sure your website satisfy their needs.

3. Focus your website. Be sure it is properly focused on your objectives, which is selling your service or product.

4. Your credibility is important. Provide a clear “privacy statement”.

Provide also noticeable link unto your “privacy statement” on every page where you are requesting for personal data from your visitors.

Likewise, make available your valid contact information which includes your mailing and email address as well as fax and phone number.

5. Give out a guarantee. Offer a “no exceptions, money back” guarantee.

6. Accept credit card payments. Set up an account with Paypal, Stormpay or Clickbank.

Provide your address for customers who want to pay cash, money order check or via Western Union instead.

7. Uncomplicated Navigation. Make your website intuitive and easy to navigate.

8. Sign up with Search Engines. Be listed with popular search engines. Many large search engines are not charging any fee on site submissions.

Check out Yahoo, Google, AOL and AltaVista.

9. Patterned for indexing. Internet users depend on search engines to find what they need. Maximize your position, by making your content keyword-rich.

10. Content is very important. Good quality and valuable content will sell your product.

Your copy should be compelling and need to transport the message that you desire to impart to your readers. It should direct your visitors throughout the course of the sales.

Check and double check always your grammar and spelling.

Now sit back and relax and be ready to receive orders online!


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