Cybersite Basic Information

Cybersite Basic Information

Cybersite Basic Information

I have put a lot of work into this website and will still put in a lot of effort to help YOU, but if you not even want to READ this or a few other things, I or nobody can not help you and, in fact not even God because faith without the deed is useless.

This whole website and a whole marketing group become YOUR marketing tool after joined the various programs and almost all banner ads and external links dynamically change into YOUR links and visitors referred by you earn money for YOU but do you have the faith to beleive the unbelievable and the will to turn it into deed? (Read more)

Earn money versus Work

Strictly speaking, to work  for a boss is a second-rate money opportunity because you earn more money for your boss than you get from him because surely he will not pay you more than he gets from you.

If you're worth enough for him to pay you R7000 then why do you earn nothing on your own?

A job immediately gives you an income yes while earning your own money as like a garden, which will takes some time provide food for you, but definitely better than spending month in and year waiting for a job.

Knowledge is power and reading is knowledge

I don't talk about story books but about reading information that can help you with your worries, problems and what's for sure is at least important enough to put in a little effort or what?

Reading is also an act that can broaden and improve YOUR knowledge, life and future so you can you really expect to improve your life and things around you or that Harry Potter magic will provide instant solutions if you do not even spend time helping yourself? (Read More)

"I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand "

This is my favourite quote and deaf, alone and without help or not, I've done more than many very normal people because I just started DOING, even though I did not even have the foggiest clue how or what but knew and believed that with each step the next one will fall into place.

Negativity, generalizations and misconceptions

Scam, scam, yes right and of course all men are thugs, women's sluts, people and businesses all villains and there is no common sense to separate the chaff from the wheat.

People allow to such an extent that negative and bad things affect them negatively, that maybe the biggest struggle of an entrepreneur is actually to fight against THAT, the negativity, generalizations and misconceptions and it's exactly what I'm doing now or what?

Opportunities and cooperation

For literally years, I've worked even day and night to test, improve, test and rebuild a marketing system and offer it on a silver platter for people to use as much as they want to make money for themselves.

There are many opportunities, for example, people that are good at writing can write articles for payment, people with graphics skills can make banners and other ads for payment and so on people are too negative, suspicious and full of misconceptions that after a long time not a single person was interested yet, despite the so-called huge unemployment problem of even graduates.

This was not my intention when I started writing (just started writing) this but do you now understand how many people make it unintentionally difficult for themselves by focusing too much on the negative instead of positive?

The hard truth

The real hard truth is that there are definitely good opportunities and I, others, and even God can and will do a lot to help, but that faith and therefore even God (who is in man and works thought man) is powerless as only YOU can make that turnaround from negative to positive through actual action.

If you just thought for one moment, I said above because "I want money from you," then that's exactly what I said above, and I invite you to go Google "Frank Coetzee" for the many articles I've written over years in the same vein without even involving a cent or anything else than pure help.

Opportunities and earning income is not the problem as most people are actually their own biggest problem, so think carefully and thoroughly, decide what's applicable, what you want and then make changes to your mindset and attitude where necessary.