How the system works

How the system works

How the system works

Without going into the reasons and wisdom of different things the basics of how the Cybersite system work is as follows

1) Register as member and join any or even all the income programs
2) Complete your profile to your best ability
3) READ as much information on the website as possible
4) Start using our system to post educational, interesting, valuable or other good quality articles, news or videos.
5) Distribute it further with links on Facebook that can also be done via our system.

That's about it and the system will automatic distribute such content on the whole group and replace banner and other links with YOUR affiliate or tracking code everywhere where your content appear so the more CONTENT you post, the more the system works for YOU and it's why the marketing group's slogan is "It's YOUR Group".

Almost all banner ads, links to income programs, products etc, are dynamic and automatic changed to the relevant user's details so the such user earn money for his effort across the whole group and system.

Obviously if you are motivated you can do a lot more on your own once you read and understand the different concepts but so far as that our system is concerned the number and quality of content is of uttermost importance for more reasons that we can explain due the the too many years that we spend into creating and developing various things.

Unity Is Power

Our normal guys don't have the money to pay for VERY EXPENSIVE marketing and can't take on the big guys alone or do anything with for example facebook that surpress free ads on their system.

Building our own marketing group is thus a good solution but it's expensive to get journalists and other staff for that but there is a solution called co-operation and unity is power where WE CAN WORK TOGETHER to build the group with even more CONTENT as that a dosen journalists can do.

It's the CONTENT that is everything and the reason why the media and even Facebook exist and almost all that content, news, information etc comes anyway from us, the public and businesses, for free, so why not use it for our OWN group that promote US for free in turn?

The following however as example

It's not a single website but a whole group of currently 50+ portals (we had 300+) so the combined statistics is good, BUT it's so big that the content is NOT enough, so the more content, the more visitors and better statistics and with better statistics we will be able to draw commercial advertisers that pay big money, that we will then plough 100% back into further marketing fo the group and due to the intensive cross-marketing, each member individually.

So the better and more content each member post, the sooner that will happen and the sooner can we use the big corporations to pay for the external advertising of our small guys - got it?

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