How to use this system

How to use this system

How to use this system

Once you joined you get your own page where you can post as many content as you want and can then promote your page, articles etc.

If someone visit your page all your affiliate, SDL and such id's are recorded in a cookie so from that point and during the next full month, it don't matter where on the whole website he/she join or click on a banner to purchase or do something, it will bu under your affiliate id, SDL nr etc.

There are different ways how you can refer people but the best is via your own page

For example the one below where "example" will be your own name or topic.

Include all your joined income program codes /links.

With Offerforge you don't really have to do much as we already added all their banners on our whole group and everywhere where YOUR CONTENT is displayed the systme will automatic convert banners and links to YOUR Offerforge ID.

Now please understand the following as its very important

Would you join or frequently visit a Facebook group, a website or buy a newspaper or magazine without much (or any) educational, interesting, cool or valuable CONTENT (Posts, articles etc)?

I guess the answer is no, so the same apply to your page, this website and in fact the whole group and everything.

Adding a lot of good quality content is of CRITICAL IMPORTANCE to draw visitors and earn money so the more content = more visitors = more income for YOU.

Please also read What Content Can I Post