Knowledge is Power

Knowledge is Power

Knowledge is Power

Albert Einstein said “The only source of knowledge is experience.” but experience is a cruel teacher as it gives a test before presenting the lesson unless you are willing to accept experience secondhand.

Time is short and there is so much to do but yet, even while hundred thousands of people is at 99.9% of their life cycle because so many people will die within a day or two, three, most people live as if the are going to live forever and have loads and loads of time to waste.

With that in mind what is the most logical and wise option?

A) Waste, like me, many many years learning, testing and trying things t only start "seeing the light" after many hard and cruel lessions or;

B) REALLY accept the knowledge and experience that not only me, but many other experts and writers too, offer you for free and save you a lot of time, trial and error?

Obviously the later but that came at a small price, the time to READ and strange enough most people "don't have time for that" without realizing that it will actually cost them not only a hell lot more time, but also other things such as for example money and regret.

The money, time and other things are gone but what lingers is regret and believe me what I regret the most is that I myself didn't do what I now explaining and recommending to you.

That is what I only now start to do, building and growing my income with content as this article itself is testimonial of.