Secret of the Page Image

Secret of the Page Image

Secret of the Page Image

Social media sites are the major drivers of most of the web’s traffic. Consequently, the ability to harness the power of social meta tags is a vital skill for today’s marketers. The tags can affect conversions and click-through rates hugely.

For example, have you ever shared a link on Facebook only to find that the thumbnail was missing, or there was a totally different picture than you expected? Knowing just a little about Open Graph tags can help you tackle these problems.

Adding Open Graph tags to your website won’t directly affect your on-page SEO, but it will influence the performance of your links on social media, so that means it’s worth looking into. Let’s take a look at the most important meta tags for Facebook and how to optimize them for better sharing.

Our system automatic use the image picture that you upload as page image (Open Graph Image) and set it to 800x420 pixels as the optimal Facebook recommended size for posts

It takes some time but what you can do is to USE this hidden page image and turn it into an advertisement..

Example 1 - Without page image, Facebook and other websites just take any image from the website.

Example 2 - By just posting the page image is displayed and looks like an advertisment.

For more examples just check how most article images looks and you'll also notice that I always add the website url because people not always know they can CLICK on such image and it also help if the image is no longer linked to the appropriate page (such as somebody saved the image)