Review Share My Link

Review Share My Link

Review Share My Link

At least two people already asked me about this so here are a short review.

The owner of the website is using a service to hide their identity and the website is less than six months old

Since the website is very new and doesn't have an online reputation yet and we suggest that you take care and if necessary get in contact with the owners before placing an order of value.

This site is using an anonymous service which prevents us from identifying the site owner.

It seems that it's free to join Share My Link so no damage done right but

If your time is free to you, then it’s free to join but my time is worth something, because I work hard and your time shouldn’t be free either.

Without sufficient information I look into a few other issues.

No sign or word about any commercial product or service.

Be realistic and understand that not even thr richest company or person in the world can or will give R20 away for nothing and that there is and in fact MUST always be some benefit for them and the real question to ask is WHAT DO THEY GET out of it?

With at least some product or service involved it can give you some clue but with nothing at all it's just fishy so say the least.

What MANY scammers and fraudsters CAN get out of you.

Your personal information

You realize that your personal information is valuable and you cannot just give it for every second person because at very least YOUR personal information can be sold to scammers and spammers if it's not scammers or spammers behind that anyway.

You may perhaps provide just too much personal information such as you bank account detail in order to receive some "money" and too much information in the wrong hands at worst open you up to identity theft.

Downloads and Apps

Surely you heard about the many many cases where people was scammed out of all the money in their bank account because their bank account login details was hacked via trojans or other software designed for just that.

With that in mind do you really think it's wise to download apps and software into your personal or even worse business computer in order to get a few rand for nothing?

If I was a scammer and fraudster I won't mind to give you even R100 if I can get my hands on your bank account login details and rob you of anything you have.

So do you really think "earning" R20 for "NOTHING" is worth the risk?