What Is a Scam?

What Is a Scam?

What Is a Scam?

Most of these scam sites are similar in nature. Here is how these scam sites work. You are required to register. You will notice that there aren’t very many tasks if any, to complete. What they really want you to do is post your referral link and get other people to sign up through your link via social media, classified ads and forums.

If and when you reach the ridiculously high payment threshold of $300.00 or more (some of the scam sites have a $50.00 minimum payout), you will be required to complete a survey, complete an offer or some require you to download an app, but there is a catch.

Some of the surveys and the offers are not free. That’s right, you have to fork out some money. This is referred to as the ‘human verification’ scam and can be very problematic. Human verification used by these scammers are often used to put malicious software and viruses on your device.

Even after you complete the survey, complete an offer or download anapp, you will still not get paid.

I couldn’t find an option that will allow you to close out your account. Legitimate sites offer that option.

One of the reasons these scams sites are spreading so badly is because the tasks are limited and there is no way to reach the payment threshold by completing tasks. As a result of that limitation, the members resort to promoting their referral anywhere they can, i.e. forums, social media and classified ad sites. Again, that’s what the scammers want.

I’ve encountered some very unethical people on Facebook. Even after being informed of the scam, they still continue to promote it. It’s pretty mind boggling and disgusting.

I’ve challenged several of the people who promote these scam sites. When they see money in their dashboard, they consider that their money. They believe because it is ‘free’, and they also believe are not doing any harm. They are just ‘testing the site’ to see if it is legitimate.

What they fail to realize is that by promoting the scam site, they are misleading people by telling them it is ‘legit and free’. They choose to be part of the problem by promoting the scam to other people. They putting people at risk for ID theft. That is serious.