How income streams tracking works

How income streams tracking works

How income streams tracking works

When you are logged in at some website it's obvious that it's easy to track what you are doing because the actions can be logged "per user" and it's easy to see Mr XX compiled xx number of surveys.

To track something outside of a logged in enviroment such as when you post ads or links it's mostly tracked either by Cookie or an unique url or both and most affiliate or other income streams works this way.

The URL always consist of either an unique link to an unique page for each person or is a specific url that include an unique code nr for each person such as

There are special "programming" in the page where such url point to that recognise such code and when somebody click on your link to visit the page, it create a Cookie on his cell, computer or laptop that act as sort of "browser notice board" to say THIS cell, computer or laptop visited this page and the userid=1111

If such visitor now buy something or do somehting, the system know that userid 1111 referred him/her and any commission will thus be allocated to such user 1111. Since the Cookie STAY on the persons cell,computer or laptop, it don't matter if he/she come back weeks later (or going to other page where the same userid cookie apply) to buy something, the person that referred him/her will still get his commission.

The only problem is when somebody clear all the cookies on his/her cellphone, computer or laptop and there is nothing that anybody can do about that but there is other ways to track it such as if the person create account but don't purchase anything, the account can be linked with user 1111 that referred him/her in the first place, cookie or no cookie.

A Cookie is your friend

If you understand above concept, you'll start to see that the most important thing is to get people to CLICK on your link so that he/she can almost be "branded" as referred by you.

Let's say you convinced 1000 people to click on a url that write a cookie userid = 1111 and then go on holiday.

A day or week or month later we launch a big advertising campaign and just ONE of above 1000 people saw it and then visit (even without your unique link) and any program he/she join or something he/she do, will be under userid 1111 and earn you something. (If he/she clicked on a link from somebody else such cookie will however be overwriten with the new user id 2222)

Our system use a combination of both

We use both methods, an unique link for each person as well as cookie and user tracking on all our pages as well as marketing group and that is how, even if you just post a plain news article without any link or whatever, you'll earn something from almost all income streams that you joined so the more content (articles, videos, reviews etc) or ads and links you post everywhere, the more and more people get YOUR DIFFERENT income stream cookies on their cellphone, computer or laptop.

Anyone that visit YOUR PAGE will automatic get the different income stream cookies so you can now start to understand why it's so IMPORTANT that you fill your page with interesting, educational and valuable content to draw visitors to your page.